Sunday, July 29, 2007

$15 Dinners Round 2 Sat 30th June

Kerry Buying For Phil and Ryan.

Terahiki fillets
Chicken livers
Kiwi Fruit
Short grain rice

As before there was plenty of 'what the hell will I do with that?', 'why did you buy this?' etc, etc, but before long Phil was searching the interweb for recipes and inspiration and came up with this impressive Menu.

Kiwifruit Vodka Collins
Winter Vegetable Chowder
Warm Chicken Liver Salad
Seafood Paella
Fresh Fruit Salad

photos of the food plus Phils face as he was trying to prepare the chicken livers!

A Pint of Kiwifruit Vodak Collins for my mate, and some delicous Vegetable Chowder.

'Chicken Liver Face' and the finished article mmMMmmmmm!

Seafood Paella & Fresh Fruit Salad with a piece of Whittakers Mocha dark Chocolate to garnish!

Next up will be Phil and Ryan buying for Paul and Sebastian.........

Winter 2007 $15 dinner series

Round 1. Saturday 2 June

Paul and Sebastian buying for Kirsty.
The bag included:-
Beef Sandwich Steak
Smoked Ruby Fish
Green Peppers
A Bag of Noodles
B0k Choi
a Persimmon
and a Coconut

He was being quite kind on her as it was their Wedding Anniversary.......

Once the Victim has been given their bag of goodies there are usually a lot of menu suggestions from the audience who now in turn have become victims as they will have to eat whatever is prepared for them.
After a bit of internet research and general discussion our Menu was presented to us:

Chilled Coconut Milk, Vodka and Lime Shots
Sticky Sesame Beef and Tempura Vegetables with assorted Dips
Thai Fishcakes with Salad and Dips (Love those dips!)
Beef Noodle Soup
Persimon and Coconut Pudding Flambe

There you go...5 Courses for 4 people for $15.

There are only a couple of photos from that night as we weren't prepared fully, it being the first event in over a year.
Here we have the Sticky Beef and Battered Veggies followed by the Coconut and Persimon Pudding covered in Brandy and ignited!

Next up, Kerry buying For Phil and Ryan - Watch this space...

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