Monday, June 05, 2006

'The Hurricanes Handbag Incident'

Not news to Kiwis, I know but worth a mention for the rest of the world.
After the Super 14 Rugby Final in the fog - (see previous post) the defeated Hurricanes went out for a quiet beer or two, some of them ending up at the Jolly Poacher at 7.30 in the morning. Chris Masoe apparently tripped over someones outstreched leg, thought they were doing it on purpose so he punched the chap! Tana Umaga tried to teach Chris a lesson in a friendly sort of a way by picking up the nearest thing thing he could find and belting Chris over the head with it ! - better than using his fist I would say. It was a handbag belonging to a girl who happened to be sitting at the bar minding her own business.
You can imagine the press after that - 'Handbags at Dawn' etc etc.
When the girl whose handbag had been used discovered that her cellphone had been smashed in the attack she got a bit upset so the Hurricanes Management offered to pay for it.
One of her friends got the idea of auctioning the bag and cellphone on our wonderful online auction site 'Trade-me' thinking someone might be interested in the rugby memorabilia angle.

Well it went ballistic - bigger than the 'dophin in a swimming pool' auction or the 'Time Machine auction'
See details here
finally sold for $22,750.00!!! after causing so much web traffic the the Trade-Me servers apparently crashed.

There you go, thats what we do here for Entertainment!

The Super 14 Final......Fog, and the Drinking Game

OK for those foreigners out there, Super 14 used to be Super 12.

'Super 12 Rugby commenced in 1996, with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa forming SANZAR (South African, New Zealand and Australian Rugby) to administer an annual provincial 12 team competition and Tri-Nations Test Series between the three countries.

A provincial series, Super 12 Rugby consists of five teams from New Zealand, four from South Africa and three from Australia (NSW, Queensland and the ACT), and each team plays all the other teams once during the yearly tournament. Bonus points are given to any team scoring four tries or more, putting the emphasis on strong, attacking rugby.'

There you go, thats the official word.
This year they let another 2 sides in, one from Australia one from S.A.

The Final was between 2 NZ Teams , The Hurricanes, from Wellington (North Island) and the Crusaders from Canterbury (South Island). Its always a good excuse for a few drinks and of course this time was no exception.
We packed the car with Wine, Beer, and Duvets and set off for Paul and Kirsty's house via the sauasage shop.
The rugby ground (Jade Stadium in Christchurch) was enveloped by fog which made it challenging for the TV Crew and anyone else trying to watch apparently a lot of the spectators left before halftime as they couldnt see it! we made up up for the lack of visuals by enjoying our own little drinking game.
Write down all the players names on bits of paper, put them into a 'hat' and distribute between the participants. We ended up with 3 or 4 each.When your player gets a mention you have to take a drink. Phil and Kirsty drew short straws - one of Phils names was Piri Weepu he got injured twice, and got involved in all sorts of stuff on the field and the commentators couldnt stop talking abpout him, Kirstys downfall was Dan Carter (how many women can say that I wonder?).

See below some pics showing the action:-

Highlights of the 2006 Super 14 Final

Weepu opens the scoring for the Hurricanes from long range.

Carter’s second successful penalty from three attempts gives the Crusaders the half time lead.

Casey Laulala crosses for the only try of the game.

Richie McCaw doesn’t infringe at the breakdown, honest.

Skipper McCaw triumphantly holds the trophy up as teammates look on.

The crowd goes wild in the stands.

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