Friday, May 12, 2017

Ready and Waiting

Waiting for the weather - I mean it's OK if you're out there and you get hit with 40kn winds plus and big seas, you'd hope that you and the boat would be able to cope OK. In reality it's going to happen at some stage but to sail off out into it knowing it's forecast, well, that's plain dumb. Also it would be handy if the wind was coming from the right direction - as soon as that baby is out of the way we should be good to go.
So in the meantime we have quit our jobs (till the summer), filled Wild Sweet with food, water, fuel, books, rum and clothes. We are hanging out waiting for the weather window that will see us at least until Minerva Reef, an atoll in the middle of the ocean which many yachties use as a stopover between here and the Islands.
I intend to be writing this blog and uploading it where we can get internet as we will not be online while at sea. Sharing the news to facebook as well. We will still be getting our emails at when we can access internet either through shore wifi or data on local SIM cards.

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