Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tree Pumpkins

We found a note on our doorstep yesterday when we got home from work.

The pumpkin vine had been trained to grow up a tree (that's another story) as we ran out of room on the ground.
The tree grows out over the neighbour's driveway.

We harvested two at the weekend as Phil was getting paranoid about the pumpkins falling on the neighbour's cars as the drove in or out - the picture above was taken on Weds evening after we found the note, we didn't even realise there was one growing there when we took the others off at the weekend, everything grows so fast here!

The thing is, it's still a really young pumpkin and is nowhere near ready, hopefully the next ones can grow somewhere where they aren't a danger to passing cars!  We have now pulled the vine back in over the garden and will just have to visit it each day to make sure its behaving.

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