Thursday, January 06, 2011


Or 'Chickens' for those of you outside NZ.

If you've been keeping up with happenings at the Payne house you will know that we have been working on getting chickens in for a little while now. Ever since we explored the end of the garden at our new house (moved in just over a year ago) and found a bit at the end we didn't know we had.
'Ooh we can have chickens!' said Phil. We put out budding architect (Ryan) to work, to design and build a chicken house, Phil built retaining walls, and they both got stuck in & put up fences. All of a sudden we had a chicken house and run at the end of the vegetable garden.
None of this would have been possible without the constant nagging of a friend and colleague @peteinakl , support and inspiration from another friend and ex colleague @ianhowarth

Here is a video of the historic moment when our trio of Brown Shavers after having been confined to their house for most of yesterday were let out nto their new home.
They are point of lay pullets, which means that they are under a year old and will hopefully start laying eggs in the next few days (or at least in the next week or so). they are as yet unnamed but as we get to know them and their characteristics then I'm sure they wont stay nameless for long.
So if you can spare 5 mins of your life then feel free to groove on down to a bit of Diana Ross and click away....


pedro said...

looking forward to some quarter pounders for your breakfast

Ness said...

I love the chook's "coming out" video! It made my day!!

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