Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello World

I cant believe its been that long since I posted something, come back after a year and its all changed - blogspot now run by Google!
Google are taking over the world, confirmation right here folks.
Looking at the history of the blog it would appear that its very much a winter sport, it rains a lot here in NZ in the winter so we just don't do going outside very much.
Another winter sport that we have resurrected after an absence of a year is the $15 Dinner series normally coincides with the Rugby season, although this year it also coincides with the Americas Cup, as I write this we have just lost the 5th race to Alinghi cos a sail blew out on the Black Boat and they cocked up getting the new one up. Most of New Zealand are tired from staying up all night or waking up in the night to watch the racing live (its starts at 1am here!) I prefer to set the TV in the bedroom to wake me up at 7am and have it on while I get ready for work - they show the highlights from 7-8am on the morning after a race.

$15 Dinners -
We draw names out of the hat - Paul, Kirsty, Phil and Myself.
you have to spend $15 or as close to as possible on a carrier bag (or 2) of random grocery articles for your victim (whose name you drew out of the hat) and they then have to produce a meal with at least 3 courses for the four of us. We normally have one alcohol course (I prefer to get that one out early on in the proceedings so people don't care (or know) what they are eating later on!
This year the boys have teamed up with their Dads to buy and cook so tonight I am buying for Phil and Ryan. Paul, Kirsty and Sebastian will be turning up later armed with sleeping bags, duvets, toothbrushes and beer.
We have a full evening planned - drinking, cooking, 1st Bledisloe Cup Game (Wallabies/All Blacks in Australia), drinking, eating, drinking, Americas Cup race 6, drinking and bed.

I will take photos and upload them tomorrow when we surface of the evenings events and food.

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