Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today's Rant

Sustainability - the new buzzword in this part of the world, - Kiwis aren't that good at actually doing it, it would seem they perceive their country as being 'Clean Green 100% Pure,' etc. etc. so obviously they don't need to do anything extra or different to make it that way.

Oh yes - we all do recycling, using our own bags at the supermarket and turn lights off when we remember. But actually doing a little bit more than that can seem so hard. Other countries appear to be making more of an issue of it that we are here.
It doesn't help that the National Party got voted in which means the Greens have a very small say in matters now.

It also doesn't help that the new Minister of Energy and Resources, The Hon Gerry Brownlee, has made a few dodgy decisions already - reversing the plan to ban incandescent light bulbs and tabling a bill that would repeal the decision to force oil companies to sell a certain proportion of Bio fuel.
Hmmm we'll see, I wonder if he will ever get around to replying to my email.

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