Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Anchor Story

When we were living in St Martin we used to go out out scuba diving with some mates. Lee, Monty & Sandy.
This one time we went out on Chris' boat (Celtic Warrior) Sandy and Monty stayed on the boat while Phil, myself and Lee jumped over the side and started poking around on the bottom about 10 m deep, really clear water, sandy bottom with a few rocky and coral bommies and some fish, sand dollars and conch around the place.
It's surprising what you find when you're diving sometimes. We found an anchor!
Score! we thought, then looked up to see the boat (with Monty and Sandy oblivious) floating away.
They soon realised, and started up the engine to turn back but got the anchor warp wrapped around the prop.
Good job there were divers in the water to untangle them and tie the anchor back on!

Which leads me onto the Dehumidifier Story next.

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